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Massage Table Dimensions – Everything You Need To Know

This article details the average dimensions of electric and portable tables, then provides some insights on what to consider before buying your next message table.

Massage Table Dimensions: What You Need to Know

We've cut to the chase in this article and compiled a spreadsheet showing the dimensions of Alevo's most popular electric and portable massage tables. This should answer the immediate question of how wide, long and tall most tables are.

If you're looking for a bit of extra advice on which table to consider based on the room you have to work with, your height, or the particular kind of treatment you're offering, then read on because we've laid out some useful information.

Professional massage table.
Professional massage table.

Massage Table Width: Finding the Perfect Fit for Clients

Below is a sheet summarising the dimensions of Alevo’s most popular massage tables. The first sheet shows electric tables where the minimum and maximum height range is influenced by the whole table lifting and also the backrest section increasing in angle.

The second table shows the most popular Centurion portable massage tables for practitioners on the go. Most of these products fold away into self-contained transportation units. If you’re interested in checkout out the dimensions of the packed form, click on the links listed in the sheet.

When you’re figuring out what dimensions to pick for your table, there’s a few things to take into account:

  • How big your clients typically are
  • What position your clients will be laying on the table
  • How comfort you need your clients to be (i.e. are they laying down for hours on end?)
  • How much space do you have to operate and do you need to move around the table?
  • How tall are you relative to your clients?

Picking a table with the right dimensions isn’t rocket science. Generally, a wide table will be more comfortable, but you need to make sure it’s going to suit the kind of treatment you offer.

Lighter, portable tables are easier to carry around, but they become a bit of a hindrance if you’re performing treatment on big people, like sports massage for football players.

Unfortunately, there’s no bullet proof answer as to which size table you should get, but the rest of the article will give you some more food for thought and suggest some of the best tables on the market to check if.

Length and Height: Ensuring Comfort and Accessibility

Woman working with hot rocks in a spa treatment room.
Woman working with hot rocks in a spa treatment room.

Table width and weight are the two most immediate dimensions to give thought to, but don’t forget to consider length.

The table you pick will need to be long enough for a client to lie comfortably but not so long that it interferes with your work.

Most tables on the market are suitable for someone around six feet tall, but if you need to comfortably accommodate someone of around 200cm, then you’ll probably need to check out a table like the Pro-Lift Venus Extend, which can adjust to 206cm in length. An adjustable face cradle can add an extra 7” - 9” to accommodate taller clients during massage sessions.

Height adjustment is also worth thinking through. All of the Alevo Pro-Lift range have a range of height adjustment between 46.8cm and 115cm. Most portable massage tables, especially the Centurion range, start at 59cm and extend to 82cm.

Height-adjustable tables can accommodate therapists of different heights and ensure clients can get on and off the table comfortably. The ideal height range for a therapy table is 60cm to 85cm, but you may be a different height, and you may have different clients who may want to use your table.

Choosing the Right Massage Table

Woman providing treatment at a medical practice.
Woman providing treatment at a medical practice.

Factors to Consider: Comfort, Efficiency, and Portability

An important consideration is the comfort of your clients and how effective you can be as a massage therapist.

You’re the one who has to carry the table around, and you’re the one who has to make sure your clients aren’t in pain when they’re supposed to be relaxing.

If you plan to provide a mobile service, the portability of your table is even more important. It might be worth considering a relatively lightweight model that you can carry down flights of stairs and fit in your car. Additionally, ensure you choose a stable table that offers solid construction and stability, which is crucial for therapists who travel frequently or work in multiple locations.

The table you choose should also suit your massage style and the preferences of your clients. If you enjoy working on the floor, you might look at a relatively narrow, low table or even a futon.

If most of your clients prefer a session on a soft ride, a table with a couple of inches of memory foam is a great idea.

Types of Massage Tables

Portable Massage Tables: Ideal for On-the-Go Therapists

If you’re planning on offering a mobile massage service, a portable massage table is the only option.

These are specifically designed for therapists who are going to their clients’ homes or places of work. They’re intended to be easy to handle and transport, so they’re always stable and lightweight. Using a cardboard cutout on a kitchen table can help you visualize the width of a massage table to ensure it fits your needs.

If this describes your situation, check out a range of portable tables here.

All of these tables should be easy to set up and pack away, so that you can transport them quickly and without risk of damage.

Electric Massage Tables: For Permanent Clinic Settings and Small Spaces

Electric massage tables are intended for clinical settings and typically provide a more configurable experience for clients. They usually weight over 100kg, so there’s no point trying to lug them around to where ever your clients are.

Check out the width and length values of the electric tables spreadsheet at the top of the article. Some tables are on the smaller side and are designed to be fitted into small spaces. Most of the Pro-Lift range let customise the table width between 55cm - 73cm to fit your space. Tables with rounded corners provide smoother movement during treatments, which some therapists prefer for the aesthetic and easier movement.

Product Recommendations

Top Electric Portable Massage Tables

Alevo has the best range of massage tables specifically designed and manufactured for massage therapists. Here are the top three flagship models from the electric range.


  • Raising, adjustable sections to assist with treatment and keep you, the practitioner, comfortable thoughtout.
  • Premium Dunlop cushioning system.
  • Integrated head cradle and armrest for clients to lay or sit comfortably for as long as needed.
  • Rated to a safe loading capacity of 220kg.

Best Standard Massage Tables

If you're not in the market for a high-end electric table but still want to provide your clients with a comfortable study experience, then these tables would be a great place to start.


  • Heavy duty, sweat resistant fabric
  • 400kg load capacity
  • Customisable range of PVC, PU and genuine leather fabrics
  • Choice of five Dunlop cushioning systems

Compact Massage Tables for Small Spaces

If you need to travel to treat your patients and need a smaller message table that prioritise transportation above everything else, then these are the best tables for you:


  • Light weight (around 13kg)
  • Small incremental height settings for a table height
  • Plastic washers between all metal parts prevent noise during treatments
  • Quality stainless steel hardware