Tao Cushion with 2 x Navy 100% Cotton Jersey Covers

Protect your portable table and provide a slip-free surface for top layers. The fitted sheet is elasticized and includes crossover straps to hold the cover firmly in place. For added table protection it also has a draped face-hole recess. Our fitted covers are 100% cotton jersey. Made in Australia by Athlegen.
Hero tao face cushion
POP tao face cushion
POP tao face cushion
Hero tao face cushion
POP tao face cushion
POP tao face cushion
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The Tao face cushion will dramatically improve the comfort of any table no matter what the size or shape of the face hole.

  • Tao Facehole Cushion with two towelling covers
  • Cover made from soft, light towelling (100% cotton)
  • Provides a high degree of comfort when used in conjunction with the normal face hole.
  • Smaller faces can sink and wedge into large face holes making it very uncomfortable. The Tao sits over the larger face hole allowing more cushion surface area to absorb the weight of a patient’s head, therefore, reducing pressure on the face.
  • Covers the stitching on a table’s face hole – the stitched seam can be very uncomfortable against the face.
  • Designed to fit under the head and upper thoracic area raising the sternum to minimise forehead lift.
  • Simple and inexpensive a cheaper alternative to a face cradle extension.
  • Light to carry and will store inside a folded massage table.
  • Simply the most comfortable face hole cushion in the world.
  • Dimensions: 4cm high x 32cm wide x 46cm long.
  • Each pack contains a foam cushion and two towelling covers.


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