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How to Use the Removable Body Filler Pads to Treat the Coracobrachialis with Stuart Hinds


"In this video, we showcase the ability of theRemovable Body Filler Section Pads (RBS Pads) available on Pro-Lift Access and Venus models for treating the Coracobrachialis.

As a treating practitioner, one of my pet hates has always been not being able to treat a super important muscle the Coracobrachialis. This muscle often gets missed, in general, treatment of Myofascial shoulder pain conditions. It is so important, as along with Pectoralis minor, and the short head of biceps, they all attach to a small bony Protuberance, called the Coracoid Process. This happens to be the Anterior bony portion of our Scapula. All three of these muscles can have an influence to the other muscles attaching to the scapula, as all 3 have a tendency to shorten pulling the scapula into an anterior tilt. This is not ideal for the rest of the scapula muscles and results in disrupted function and action of the shoulder girdle. Coracobrachialis is often missed because it is tucked away in between your client's bicep/tricep Musculature, making treatment difficult in normal positions.

The other issue that goes under the radar is a peripheral nerve entrapment of the Musculocutaneous nerve which develops from excessive push-ups; something a lot of people are doing lately. The Removable Body Filler Section Pads (RBS) available on the Access and Venus models are a game-changer when it comes to providing the perfect platform to treat the Coracobrachialis. The RBS pads allow you to treat clients in a comfortable abduction position and can be adjusted through the range to improve your access.

Another game-changer is being able to treat the tricep region with your client in the prone position. Without the RBS pads, you chase the triceps in a very insecure way which makes for poor body mechanics.


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Stuart Hinds is a massage therapist with over 27 years of experience. Some of the patients he has treated include Olympic athletes and elite sportspeople.

For more information on Stuart Hinds courses, mentoring or memberships please visit his website: