Score Amazone Balance - Black Stamskin Medium Strut

Experience the unparalleled comfort of a Score saddle chair. The ergonomically shaped saddle maintains a healthy back posture and reduces sitting fatigue. The standard Height option is Medium: 570 to 760mm. This is included as standard. If you would like the High or Low strut option, or the foot operated height option please select the option below. Please note, please do not select more than 1 of the below options.
Ergonomic Saddle Seats
Ergonomic Saddle Chair
Ergonomic Saddle Chair
Ergonomic Saddle Chair
Ergonomic Saddle Chair
Ergonomic Saddle Seats
Ergonomic Saddle Chair
Ergonomic Saddle Chair
Ergonomic Saddle Chair
Ergonomic Saddle Chair
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Made In Netherlands Premium Quality

Experience the unparalleled comfort of a Score saddle seat. The ergonomically shaped saddle maintains a healthy back posture and reduces sitting fatigue. The Balance™ models encourage “active sitting” through a unique multidirectional tilting mechanism that is adjustable to your preferred level of movement. Active sitting stimulates the muscles in the lower back, improving muscle strength and helping to reduce back pain. The Balance™ mechanism is only available from Score, the Dutch manufacturer of the world’s most comfortable ergonomic saddle seats.


To compare our Score models see the FAQ tab below. For more saddle option information see the Product Info Tab below.

  • Patented adjustable rocking mechanism that encourages active seating
  • Compact base that allows you to sit close to your patients
  • Large swivel castors for maximum freedom of movement
  • Hand-controlled height adjustment with gas spring
  • Upholstered in Stamskin fabric with antimicrobial treatment and dirt-resistant lacquers for simple and easy maintenance
  • Designed and made in Holland by Score, the manufacturer of the world’s most comfortable saddle seats
  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Recommended for people with lower back pain or a desire to have the best possible seat for their spine health

Seat Shape

Score saddle seats come in two different seat shapes and sizes. The Amazone models have a narrower front section and a smaller seat (340mm wide). They have a narrower front section than the Jumper models which allows you to sit with your knees closer together. This makes the Amazone popular with women. To find the best seat for you, see our model comparison in the FAQ section.

Made in Holland

Score is a family-owned Dutch company specialising in the development and manufacturing of ergonomic seats and accessories. Over the last 40 years, Score saddle seats have become widely known as the most comfortable ergonomic saddle seats available. They have become the standard in European countries and are distributed worldwide. From the drawing board to production and extensive field testing, the entire development process takes place in-house. In order to guarantee high standards of quality, Score products are exclusively distributed via carefully selected dealers.

Balance™ Mechanism

With the balancing seat, the pelvis and the spinal column stay in balance and pressure points such as the inside of the thighs and the pubic bone are relieved when changing posture. The movement of the seat also prevents static sitting and stimulates the muscles in the lower back, improving muscle tone reducing back pain. The level of movement of the balancing mechanism can be adjusted to suit the user’s preference.

Ergonomic Design & Cushioning

The superior cushioning and ergonomic saddle design make Score saddle seats incredibly comfortable to sit on as they minimise the effect of pressure points on the inside of the thighs and the pubic bone.

Compact Base

The aluminium base is 540mm in diameter, making it ideal for seated treatments that require manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The compact base allows you to get closer to your patient or work area than you would be able to with a standard base.

Stamskin Black

A soft, durable and low-maintenance PVC fabric with an antimicrobial treatment to satisfy the hygiene needs of hospital and dental clinics. Santised to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. Specially formulated dirt-resistant lacquers protect the surface for simple and easy maintenance.

Standard Height Medium

The standard height of the Score saddle seats feature a medium gas strut to suits persons between 160 and 180cm in height.

Seat height range: 570 to 760mm

Working surface height: 800 to 900mm

Please select the Low or High gas strut in the menu if you would prefer that height option.

Friction Lock Castors

The friction lock swivel castors remain locked when the stool is not in use, helping to prevent injury when you are in the process of sitting down or getting up. As soon as you sit down, the weight-activated castors unlock to allow unrestricted movement. The castors also feature a soft rubber tread to protect floor surfaces.

Optional – Hands-Free Height Adjustment

Score saddle seats can be ordered with foot-controlled height adjustment. Useful if you would like both hands to be free for your work and/or kept sterile. This is available in either the Medium, or High height option. Please select this option from the menu if you require foot-operated, hands-free height adjustment.

Score Brochure SPECS

Height Range
Low: 490 to 630mm
Medium: 570 to 760mm
High: 630 to 880mm
Seat: 340mm
Polished chrome cast aluminium star base (540mm)
Auto-locking swivel castors (60mm)
Upholstery Fabric
Stamskin PVC
Antimicrobial treatment
Dirt-resistant lacquers
Shipping Dimensions
500 x 270 x 520mm
Shipping Weight
Safe Working Load
Balance Mechanism
Made in Holland
5 years
Upholstery to arrive in perfect condition
Other countries upon request
All dimensions (shown in mm) and specifications are approximate and are subject to manufacturing tolerances.

Product Information

Choose Between Two Seat Types

Score’s saddle chairs are available in two models.

Amazone Models
Narrow seat (340mm wide).
Although this is a matter of personal preference generally speaking many women tend to prefer the Amazone model with its narrow seat and a narrower front section which allows you to sit with your knees closer together.

Jumper Models
Wider seat 440mm wide.
Choose a Jumper model if you prefer a larger seat surface.

As a rough guide we recommend the following based on the clothing sizes listed below;

Note: A dress size of 14 or pants size of 34 equates to an approximate hip circumference of 104 cm.

Selection Guide

Amazone Jumper Sit with knees closer together Larger seat size
Women (dress size) 14 or less 14 or more Amazone Jumper
Men (pants size) 34 or less 34 or more Amazone Jumper

Choice Of Two Seat Mechanisms

(1) Tilt Model.

  • The tilt models feature a front to back seat angle adjustment setting.
  • The infinite tilt adjustment enables you to select the most comfortable seat angle to suit you.
  • It is important on saddle seat to have this tilt adjustment to relieve any pressure from the raised front section of the seat.

(1) Balance Model.

  • Balance models feature “active seating“. A unique multi-directional tilting mechanism that is adjustable to your preferred level of movement.
  • Unlike traditional saddle seats; the Score Balance mechanism stimulates the muscles in the lower back improving muscle tone and strength; reducing back pain and sitting fatigue. Because the seat is not fixed and moves with your natural movement it feels immediately comfortable to sit on.

You do not need a backrest to get the benefits of a saddle seat. However, leaning into a backrest can be helpful to control the seat as you move around your workspace. The backrest can also be used as a stretch support i.e. handy to occasionally lean into and stretch when sitting for long periods.

Once you have set the saddle seat to the correct height – so that your spine is in a natural “S” curve – simply adjust the backrest so that it fits snug into your spines natural lumbar curve. This is very different to a backrest support on a traditional office chair where generally your spine is in a “C” curve and the lumbar support is used to force the spine into the more natural “S” curve.

Choose From Three Saddle Heights?

The optimum sitting position on a saddle chair is when a 110 to 135-degree angle is created between the thighs and the upper body. This will automatically position your spine in a natural healthy “S” curve. To achieve the optimum spine curvature you will require the right saddle seat for your physical height. Simply follow the guide above to select the correct chair height.

What is Active Seating?

Active seating is when a chair allows or encourages users to move. It is also commonly referred to as dynamic sitting, the concept is that flexibility and movement while sitting can be beneficial to the human body.

In the field of ergonomics, the concept of active sitting is gaining recognition, particularly among people whose work involves prolonged sitting.

Active vs. Static Sitting
Active or dynamic sitting is the opposite of static sitting.
Static sitting occurs when a chair is rigid and results in sustained mechanical tissue loading. Static seating is widely thought to contribute to negative health effects.
The human body is not well adapted for long hours spent sitting in a restrictive or constrained posture.

The negative effects of static sitting

  • The abdominal muscles may relax and even atrophy over prolonged periods of minimal physical activity.
  • Prolonged postural loading of the spine while sitting, without natural movement and mobilization of the spinal joints, can reduce joint lubrication and increase stiffness, which can be detrimental to back health.
  • Circulation, particularly of the legs, can be adversely affected. In fact, back pain and circulation discomfort are part of a growing avalanche of complaints which can be attributed in part to extensive static sitting.
  • Sustained static postures at a computer can strain the upper back and neck muscles and when combined with stress factors, contribute to muscle tension and resulting pain.

The majority of chairs and stools commercially available today still tend to limit postural movement, however, innovative products such as Score Balance models allow a more dynamic posture that follows and conforms to the movements and physical shape of the seated occupant. This dynamic sitting enhances functional movement and helps to prevents the physical discomfort and potential bodily damage due to prolonged static sitting.

Company Information

Best Saddle Seats In The World

(1) Comfort

  • Score – made in Holland – saddle seats are immediately comfortable from the first time you sit on it – no extended time needed to break the chair in or to get used to the chair.

(2) Wheels

  • High-quality soft wheels to protect floor surfaces.
  • Friction lock castors to prevent injury when getting on and off the chair.

(3) Base

  • Strong aluminium cast base.
  • High-quality chrome finish.

(4) Quality

  • Score only uses durable materials and quality chair mechanisms.

(5) Export

  • Score exports its products all over the world and is constantly receiving valuable international feedback to be used in its research and development. only uses durable materials and quality chair mechanisms.

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