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How well engineered is your portable table?


How do you know if your table is well engineered? Before you answer consider this did you know that anybody can import portable tables and sell them in Australia; and that there is no Australian Standard for portable tables. Unbelievable but true for a product that is used to treat patients on.

Unscrupulous importers are setting themselves up as specialist suppliers and are selling products that are cheap and nasty. We have had a customer purchase a table on-line and the table miserably failed after one massage session. He brought this table to us so that we could spread the word as a warning to other buyers.

Your best protection is to buy a portable from a reputable manufacturer, if you are not sure ask for a recommendation from other practitioners or your professional association or school and of course remember to consider buying Australian made.

It is an important step in running your business and careful consideration will ensure that you extend to your customers the duty of care that they deserve.