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Correct Use of Adjustable Face Cradles


Adjustable angle face cradles are designed to provide a comfortable and secure support for the face (and arms, if using a prone armrest attachment). It is not designed to support body weight as most face cradles have a Maximum Work Load of 20kg. Ensure patients are instructed not to use the face cradle as an aid when they mount, dismount or reposition themselves on the table.

Adjustable angle face cradles must also be correctly tensioned. Maintaining the correct tensioning of the adjustable angle mechanism will avoid the adjustment mechanism slipping during use. Some of the latest models of quality face cradles do not require tensioning. If you are unsure refer to the user instructions or contact the manufacturer.

If your adjustable angle face cradle mechanism is starting to slip during use you may have damaged the mechanism teeth and if this is the case it will need to be replaced. To avoid this periodically check the tension and adjust as required.

Remember in the case of an accident an incident investigation will check that the patient was aware of the risks and the dangers associated with using the equipment. You will need to show that you did all that you could to avoid the accident. This may include access to equipment maintenance records.
Best practice is to keep a log in your diary to remind you of when to service your tables; start a maintenance and service journal and record all maintenance and service details of your equipment; and produce a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document for all of the equipment you use.